Students at Toki Middle School recently received their new Chromebooks. Toki was one of nine Madison schools to roll out digital devices in early February. Equipping students with the devices is part of Ignite, the district’s Technology Plan. Ignite is part of a larger shift that aims to give students more choice in how they learn and express ideas, let students accelerate at their own pace, increase access to information and teach vital digital literacy skills.Toki students with their Chromebooks


Toki Library Media Technology Specialist Mr. Hillmer said the students have been using digital devices for a while, but now they have their own. “One of the awesome things about students having their own device is that they don’t have to wait to be able to use the device. In the past we’ve only had limited number of devices. Teachers would have to plan their curriculum so that they could have devices when they were available,” said Hillmer.


Students can now access information on the web, create and publish content anytime they wish, Hillmer said, adding that Toki is working with the Madison Public Library to create a makerspace program. Makerspaces allow students to work in a more open, collaborative learning environment.


Physical Education teacher Mrs. Anderson said the Chromebooks will allow students in her class to video analyze themselves during an activity, watch examples of other people doing activities, see how games are played and see proper form in exercises. Mrs. Anderson also said the devices will allow students to catch up on work if they missed a day.


Other Madison schools that received digital devices this month were Allis, Franklin, Lapham and Lindbergh Elementary Schools; Blackhawk, Cherokee and Sherman Middle Schools and 9th grade students at La Follette High School.