Toki technology teacher Lee Briggs is leading an innovative MSCR after-school club at Toki Middle School called Makerspace.


Makerspace is a place where students can build creative projects for practical and artistic purposes. Students use the tools, computers, programming, textiles, electronics and 3d printing materials in the technology education classroom for their own projects and interests. Students working on project at Makerspace Club


Two students in the club established a business where they build computer carts for teachers. Their next goal is to make a website that lists product features and reviews.


On Fridays, a group of 6th grade students completes repairs in school and small construction projects for teachers. This is in part, is a behavior intervention. The students want to help their teachers and build a positive reputation. So far, they’ve helped patch drywall, built shelves, restored a music stand and installed doorstops.


Students with go-cart built in Makerspace ClubThe group also built a go-cart. They studied construction plans online and built the cart using scrap wood and leftover paint. The only financial investment was $20 for the wheels. They plan to use the cart to help a student with mobility impairment participate in the Toki Marathon, a fundraiser for the school.


Makerspace allows students to put their positive energy and talents to good use after school. A similar club operates at Sherman Middle School. This is one of many after-school programs offered by MSCR. For more information, go to or call 608-204-3000.


April 2017