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Make sure all distributed materials include contact information so recipients can reach district staff if they have questions. Also keep in mind it's crucial we keep our directory information up to date at all times. Update your directory information now.

Backpack Mail

Backpack mail includes important district messaging and other district-approved materials that are sent home with students in their backpacks. Backpack mail is usually in the form of a letter or a flyer.


A brochure is used to highlight a program or initiative with general information for easy reference.


Emails are appropriate for reminders as well as general information. This tends to be the preferred method of communication for parents for non-emergencies.


Flyers are good for promoting upcoming events or encouraging your audience to take part in something.


Use a stylized or formal invitation when you want to draw an audience to an event or activity.

Memo or Announcement

Use this banner for unofficial documents such as memos or announcements. This does not replace the MMSD letterhead, nor should it be used for official letters.

Newsletter Article

Newsletters are a good way to get information to your audience on a regular basis.

Phone Calls

Automated phone calls are most appropriate for important reminders and emergencies.


Postcards are good when you want to send a general mailing out to families with a snapshot of information. This postcard template is set up with a front and back side and includes two postcards per page. Add your own headline, content and contact information.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations can be useful during meetings when you need to go over an initiative in great detail without losing your audience's interest.


Any public-facing report from the District should look polished and professional. This report template is not for Board of Education reports. Always include on the cover the name of the report, the date and who is submitting it.

Text Message

Text messages are quick and interactive. They should be used only for emergencies, school closings, time sensitive reminders and announcements.

Using Social Media

Using social media is a great way to promote your initiative or event as it allows you the ability to connect with a wide audience that can share your message and help spread the word.

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