Board Thanks Superintendent for Outstanding Service, Plans for Smooth Transition

Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham announced today that she will leave her post as superintendent at the end of August to ensure a smooth transition into the start of the next school year.

Cheatham, school board members, community leaders, and staff will hold a press conference at 11am on Wednesday at Mendota Elementary School.

“Six years ago, we set out to establish the strong foundation necessary for transformational change in our community, and we have accomplished much together as a result. MMSD has dramatically strengthened its routines for continuous improvement, has a stronger and more coherent core instructional program, has improved its approach to family partnership, has expanded its options for post-secondary success, strengthened HR systems, stabilized its budget, established powerful partnerships, and ultimately put the district on an upward trajectory academically with accelerated growth for students of color,” Cheatham said.

“I have never had a more fulfilling job than serving as the superintendent in Madison. This community has surrounded me, my family, our team, our staff and our schools with tremendous support and I am filled with gratitude.”

Cheatham has been superintendent since April of 2013 and will be joining the faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the fall to help prepare the next generation of equity leaders.

“Jen has been an incredible leader for our district. She has put us in a powerful position to continue to move forward, and we thank her for tremendous work, her dedication, and her skill as superintendent,” Board President Mary Burke said. “We have a strong team, united board, and we are in an incredibly positive position to move forward in our commitments to our community.”

The Board is expected to appoint an interim superintendent in the coming weeks.