For Immediate Release: April 30, 2014

Contact: Rachel Strauch-Nelson (608) 663-1903

Schools in the Madison Metropolitan School District are beginning the School Improvement Planning Process for the 2014-15 school year and will be asking school communities for their input this spring.

“We’ve had a school improvement plan in the past, but what’s different this year is that it is always at the forefront, guiding our work,” Emerson Elementary Principal Karen Kepler said. “We are continually monitoring progress and making adjustments where needed – keeping that focus has been key for us this year.”

“We’re proud that for the first time this year, every school has a targeted school improvement plan – aimed at measurable outcomes,” Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham said. “If we are going to close opportunity gaps and see the best results for all children, it’s essential that each school is focused and supported in carrying out their plan. We’re excited to measure our progress on school improvement plans this year and begin to build plans for next year together with families.”

Schools have used their plans to guide work throughout the school year. Every quarter, principals and members of school teams came together to review progress and develop action steps for the next quarter. The district has also reported publicly on progress each quarter. This summer, the district will release its first annual review of the strategic framework, including progress on school improvement plans.

As schools develop their plans for next year, they will also make use of new family engagement standards that define what the district expects in terms of engaging families and provides key resources to help schools strengthen their engagement.

“The family engagement standards will help us think about our strengths and get more specific in our plan for next year,” Kepler said. “We are excited for the opportunity to take our engagement efforts to the next level, as we use the standards to focus on how families can support their child’s learning at home.”

All school improvement plans for the 2013-14 school year are posted on the district’s website. When finalized this fall, 2014-15 school improvement plans will also be posted.