At the January Operations Work Group meeting, the Board of Education established a preliminary direction for 2014-15 MMSD budget. The Board discussed the very challenging financial conditions facing Wisconsin school districts, which are primarily the result of tight statutory limits placed on school district revenues. 

The allocation of staff to each school is the current focus of our zero-based budget development process. We are attempting to make the allocation process more equitable and responsive to the needs of each school. More work remains to be done, including consultation with principals and other administrators. Your 2014-15 staff allocation workbook will be distributed at the end of this month.

School allotment budgets for other-than-personnel expenditures are also under construction. To streamline the process for school offices, the Business Office will perform the initial work of inputting the allotment for each school into the MUNIS system based on the accounts and amounts which are typical for MMSD elementary, middle and high schools. Each site may then reallocate the initial input to the extent needed to fit the needs of your school. This should prove to be a faster and easier process for school offices. Look for new instructions about the allotments later this month.

We are confident that these and other related efforts will result in a budget process which is more ‘principal-friendly’ and responsive to the needs of each school.

Questions? Contact Mike Barry, 663-1658.