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The MMSD Communications Department produces two biweekly newsletters: one for staff and one for families.

School, Home, Community-Connection is our biweekly family e-newsletter, which is sent to all families in the district. Available in English and Spanish, it highlights student and staff accomplishments and provides important district information as well as news about community events around town. This newsletter engages families and the community in schools and education. Find out more about this newsletter now.

MMSD Connect is an e-newsletter sent to all district staff every other week. It contains good news from schools, staff accomplishments and messages from the Superintendent. MMSD Connect helps build community, boost employee morale and provide information that impacts the work of MMSD staff. Find out more about this newsletter now.

Tips for writing a successful newsletter article

  • It seems obvious, but don’t leave out important information like the date of the event.
  • Include pictures and/or videos whenever possible. The most read stories include visuals.
  • Make sure students mentioned and in pictures have no withholdings.
  • Stories should be long enough to include all important information, but short enough to keep readers’ attention.
  • Write out program names the first time with the acronym in parenthesis after it; the second time you can use an acronym.
    • Example: First occurrence: “The Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) …” Second occurrence: “…within MMSD.”
  • If your newsletter goes out in more than one language, make sure you write the story with enough lead time before publication to get it translated!

Key pieces to a newsletter article

(1) Title: Keep it short, informational and catchy, if you can. Include school name when applicable.

First paragraph: (2) Briefly summarize what the event was. Include the who, which schools were involved, when and what. (3) Say why this is important/interesting to read about.

Second, third up to x number of paragraphs: (4) Describe in more detail what the event was about and how it went.

Final/closing paragraph: (5) Wrap up the story by saying the outcome (ex: we raised $xx!), how it went overall (ex: Great fun was had by all!), plans for similar future events, and/or a call to action (ex: “If you’re interested in participating, contact…”, or “to find out more about this program...”)



(1) [Event Name] at [School Name]

(2) On [date], [school] celebrated/participated in [activity] at [location]. Students and staff helped coordinate this event by [action]. (3) This is the 10th anniversary of this event/This is the first time this team has advanced to the State Competition.

(4) Students worked on [project] for [length of time] to prepare for this event, which culminated [something]. They were proud to display their work… [more information about the event]

[more information, maybe include statistics when applicable]

(5) After all that hard work, the students were able to enjoy the festivities with their families. Great fun was had by all! If you are interested in putting together a similar event at your school, contact [contact information].


Sample Newsletter Articles

example of a newsletter article


example of a newsletter article

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Download a template for a newsletter article

Is your story ready for publication? Would you like to submit your article to be published in the MMSD Family or Staff Newsletters? Send it to us now!

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