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The Principals' Bulletin is distributed at 3pm every Thursday* and content is due each Monday by 10am. It is comprised of three sections: "To Do", To Know" and "Opportunities". The "To Do" section is reserved for items that require action. If your content belongs under this section, be sure to title it appropriately so we can make an easy determination. If your item is an FYI and does not require any action, it will be placed under "To Know" or "Opportunities". Please include any deadlines, if applicable. *Note: The Principals' Bulletin is not distributed during the week of Thanksgiving, Winter Break, or Spring Break and it is sent every other week in the summer.

MMSD Connect (the staff newsletter) is distributed biweekly to all MMSD employees. Content is due on the Wednesday before the distribution date for each edition. Remaining distribution dates for the 2016-2017 school year are 4/26, 5/10, 5/24 and 6/7.

The family newsletter is distributed biweekly to all MMSD families. Content is due by the Monday of the week prior to the distribution date, in order to allow time for translation.

Prior to completing this form, be sure to get approval from your supervisor or principal on all information submitted. Please keep submissions clear and concise and note that we do edit for space and clarity, as needed.