For Immediate Release: March 2, 2018

Contact: Rachel Strauch-Nelson, (608) 663-1903

Review Illustrates Student and School Progress

The Madison Metropolitan School District is strengthening culturally responsive teaching across schools, focusing on authentic relationships and working with the community to plan for the future. This and other updates are included in the district’s mid-year review of progress for the 2016-17 school year.

After the first half of the year, the district always conducts a review of progress in order to identify strengths and challenges, collaboratively problem-solve and make adjustments where needed. This culminates with a report to the public on accomplishments thus far.

“Our strategy, as captured in our strategic framework, is aimed at eliminating the gaps in opportunity that lead to disparities in achievement,” Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham said. “We believe it is important to not only review our progress and make adjustments, but to also report publicly on that progress. We want to be a model public school district, one that demonstrates what it looks like to serve all students and families well – and we’re excited about the progress that we’ve made so far this school year.”

In addition to the review of progress, the report also includes a summary of the listening and learning process the district is going through this school year to define future strategy – one that is aimed at transformational change and bringing our vision to life for all students.

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