For Immediate Release: June 11, 2015


Contact: Rachel Strauch-Nelson (608) 663-1903



First cohort of students selected to participate in program aimed at improving workforce diversity


Eleven Madison students have been selected as the first group to enter the Tomorrow’s Educators for Equity in Madison, or TEEM Scholars program, as part of the district’s Forward Madison partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Education.


The TEEM Scholars program is focused on preparing current Madison high school students to become future Madison teachers. These future teachers will be nurtured to be civically-engaged and social-justice oriented agents for change.


“Congratulations to our very first group of TEEM Scholars! We are so excited to begin working with these future teachers,” Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham said. “TEEM Scholars is an opportunity for us to develop the talent of our current students and prepare the next generation of new teachers who better reflect the diversity of the students we serve.”


“I want to be a teacher because I like to see the improvement in children’s character and academics,” says Dianna Murray, a TEEM Scholar from Madison West High School. “I've seen how teachers have helped me improve myself and I'd like to have the same impact on someone else.”


“I want to be a teacher because I realize the importance of education in today’s youth based off of my own experiences,” says Eden Foster, a TEEM Scholar from Memorial High School. “Being in TEEM Scholars will help me further my potential and get direct help to learn about being a good teacher.  I would like to use the skills I learn to make our schools better for future teachers.”


TEEM Scholars is a key piece of the district’s Forward Madison partnership with the UW-Madison School of Education aimed at ensuring that the district has the very best educators who are supported to the fullest to bolster student achievement for all. Forward Madison includes three strands – support and training for new educators, efforts to improve workforce diversity and ongoing professional development for educators.


"There is an incredible need to diversify the teaching force," says Julie Underwood, dean of UW-Madison's School of Education. "We believe that by working with MMSD we can encourage students to become teachers. Together we can support and mentor them along this path. We are looking forward to working with MMSD to directly address this important issue in PK-12 education." 


Students will participate in summer and academic year coursework, tutoring, action research, job shadowing and teaching internships. Throughout the college experience, TEEM Scholars will meet as a group, work with UW and MMSD staff and participate in activities in schools to further their experience and background working in Madison schools.