What are State Report Cards?

As part of the state’s school accountability system, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues a report card for every school in the state. The report card is based on several measures and largely on the results of the state’s required assessment.

As a district, we have exciting momentum and we are beginning to see gap-narrowing progress, which you can read more about in our annual report at www.mmsd.org/framework.

As we build on that progress this year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is updating its school accountability system and issuing a report card for every public school in the state.

Madison schools have relied on its own internal assessment to consistently track progress and set goals. We encourage families and the community to review these more comprehensive results, compiled in our district annual report, and learn more about your school’s progress in their school profile and school improvement plan.

We’ll continue to monitor our progress along the way this year, and update families and continue to ask for our community’s partnership in supporting our students.

Click on each school name below to download that school's DPI School Accountability Report Card. For more information on the report cards or to download older report cards, visit the Wisconsin DPI Report Card website.