Thank you for your interest in receiving up-to-date information on the MMSD, or sharing your own news with staff or the community. We invite you to explore the following communications channels. Please note that if you wish to submit content, we ask that you do so at least two weeks in advance of when you would like it featured, whenever possible. 

Principals’ Weekly Bulletin

The Principals' Weekly Bulletin is sent out every Thursday to provide principals with district-wide information. Topics should include key deadlines, new procedures, requests for info, notices or announcements that are vital for principals to be aware of. Submit content using this form. Submissions for each issue are due no later than each Monday at 10 a.m., although as with other publications, we ask that you submit content at least two weeks in advance, when possible. Please note that we may not be able to use all content that is submitted.  

MMSD Staff eNews 

On Staff eNews we share timely articles about upcoming events, opportunities, good news from schools, staff accomplishments and more on a daily basis. Staff can comment on stories, share to social media and filter content by category (news, opportunities, events, spotlights and resources). We include links to each article in MMSD Connect (described below) as well. Submit content using this form

MMSD Connect — biweekly staff newsletter

This e-newsletter is sent to all district staff every other week. It contains important information from the Superintendent, district news, staff spotlights and more. MMSD Connect helps build community, boost employee morale and provide information to employees that impacts their work. Archives can be found online at content using this form. Please note: 

School, Home, Community-Connection — biweekly family newsletter

This e-newsletter is sent to all families in the district in English, Spanish and Hmong every other Wednesday. It highlights student and staff accomplishments, information from the Superintendent and even contains information on community events around town. This newsletter aims to engage parents and families in schools and education. Archives can be found online at Submit your stories here

School Board President’s Announcements

Board President  announcements are read at the beginning of each regular meeting.  These generally include timely messages from the Board about districtwide efforts, information on topics relevant to parents, and recognize staff and students for exceptional achievements.

MMSD websites

The MMSD websites are a great resource for finding information that any parent, student or staff member may need. Each school's website should provide information on upcoming events, school lunch menus, supply lists and directory information for that school. 

MMSD Facebook page

Stories you submit to our biweekly family newsletter may also be featured on our district Facebook pages: (English) and (Spanish). These pages provide a forum for the community to interact with the district. The pages are updated daily and are a great resource for reading about what's going on in each school, student accomplishments and information on school closings, when applicable. Each school also has a Facebook page that can be used to share pictures, stories and promote upcoming events at the school.  View a list of these pages here.

MMSD Twitter feed

The MMSD Twitter feed is a great source for short, quick news stories and for the promotion of upcoming school and district functions. You can view our Twitter feed at