National Parent Involvement Day is November 19

Research indicates a strong correlation between student achievement and family engagement. In honor of National Parent Involvement Day (November 19, 2015), we’re recognizing family members, nominated by MMSD staff, dedicated to helping their children succeed. (We’ll be recognizing more #engagedfamilies throughout November on social media.)

East Language Program welcomes teacher from China

MMSD is committed to culturally and linguistically responsive practices and programs that prepare all students for college, career and community. The linguistic and cultural diversity of our local and global community requires that students have access to learning about the languages, cultures and nations of the world.


Achievement Connections helps algebra students make the grade

“When I grow up I want to do something with coding,” says Gorman Thompson, a sophomore at East High School and an aspiring video game programmer. With his sights set on this high-tech field, he knows he’s got to keep his math skills sharp. “If I want to do anything with coding, I need to be good at math,” he says with determination, adding, “everything around you is math.

Q&A with MMSD staff about Developmental Designs training and the Behavior Education Plan

To create engaging learning communities and positive classroom climate, MMSD middle and high school staff use an approach called Developmental Designs (DD).