Communications Department Functions

  • Communications
  • General Information
  • News Media Relations
  • Communication Support and Media Production

Communications: Inform and communicate with MMSD staff and the public regarding educational initiatives, news and other developments in the Madison schools. Contact:  Liz Merfeld Email: Phone: (608) 663-1935

General Information: Answer questions, assist callers in finding information, connect callers with staff members, and provide general assistance to both English and Spanish-speaking community members. Contact: Ryan Budziszewski Email: Phone: (608) 663-1879

News Media Relations:  First point of contact for news reporters to assist in providing information for their coverage of the MMSD. Provide support to the Office of the Superintendent and guidance to MMSD administrators and principals to provide information to representatives of the news media. Contact: Rachel Strauch-Nelson Email: Phone: 663-1903  

Communication Support and Media Production: Provide consultation to MMSD departments to support good communication practices and the creation of supporting materials including, video, print, and presentations. Contact: Mike Wetzel Email: Phone 663-1965