Brand Guidelines - Madison Metropolitan School District Welcome to your Communications Department!

We’ve recently made some positive changes to the way we work. Changes that will allow us to do what we do better, stay on top of our game, operate sustainably, and more consistently bring you the freshest, most useful tools. And enable you to craft videos, graphics, print pieces, communications plans, and digital stories you never thought possible. 

We’ll do this together, giving you heaps of advice, tools, and training. We have a brand-new Communications Resource Site where this all comes together:

We’re confident that with targeted training and user-friendly templates, you’ll do amazing things. 

Here’s what you can find at our Resource Site

  • how-to posts on podcasting, shooting video on a smartphone, writing for results, planning a community event, making your social media and website content accessible, and more. 
  • templates for creating beautiful PowerPoints, flyers, brochures, posters, and more. 
  • where to find photos, how to hire a photographer, where to go for printing, tips for giving presentations, and more. 
  • training workshops
  • If you still need assistance please fill out the project inquiry form to use after you’ve exhausted the resources on the site.

We plan to add new resources constantly – let us know what you'd like to see there!